Sadly, is no more

We're sorry y'all, we're taking down the site due to circumstances and junk.

You queer porn fans rock. If you're looking for a good place to rub one out, go have a wonderous wank to CrashpadSeries or FTMFucker or Feelmore or any of that hot queer shit coming out of the ridiculously sexy bay area indie porn scene.
Or make your own. It's fun - albeit very difficult.
Like the best math.

So many thanks to everyone who has supported us in our work. We're moving on to new projects and divergent paths, but neither of us has anything but love for the folks who helped us keep this crazy project going as long as we did.

Some of the content from Meet The Mayhems, including Trespass and Hysteria, may eventually be available for purchase elsewhere on the internet (possibly pink+white on demand?). If that happens, it'll be googlable.